Sun Microsystems - Sun Startup Essentials

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When you’re starting a company, it’s important to have a great idea. But it takes the right tools, the right support and a ton of hard work to make your great idea real.

Now Sun Startup Essentials is making it a lot easier to get the tools, the advice and the support you need to get your company up and running. This unique program from Sun Microsystems is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground fast and at the lowest cost possible. Whether it’s connecting with venture capitalists, free technical support, co-marketing with Sun, or implementing your entire IT infrastructure, Startup Essentials is there to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed. And once your company is off the ground, Sun’s scalability allows for your infrastructure to grow as fast as your company does.

When you have the right tools and the best support, you can accomplish all kinds of things. But without them, all kinds of things can go wrong. Sun Startup Essentials needs your funniest, most exhilarating, heart breaking and motivating prints showing the successes you can achieve when you have the right tools, and the pitfalls you’ll face when you don’t have them.