SKY HDTV - Never Miss a Moment

SKY is wanting ads that are fun, unusual & persuasive. include with all the features below:
-Number of Channels
SKY HDTV provides up to 28 channels in High Definition
-Remote Recording You can schedule recordings of your favorite shows from anywhere, by phone or by the web
-Search Functions SKY HDTV gives you the option to search for your favorite shows by title, category or topic
-Programmable Recording SKY HDTV allows you to schedule recurring programming- so that you never miss your favorite shows
-500 GB Storage With 500 GB of storage, you’ve got the room to save all your favorite shows

-Obviously I can't have all the product benefits, so I choose to focus on how SKY HDTV can search and records every TV shows.
-The basic idea is to give the target audience the feeling of HDTV experience by showing the atmosphere as if they are watching from inside the TV show itself.

Creative/Art Director: Ferdi Rizkiyanto
Digital Imaging: Ferdi Rizkiyanto