Achieve Your Dreams (Unilever's Beat The Odds Chalange)

Unilever's Beat The Odd Campaign - Zooppa's Challenge
"Achieve Your Dreams"
Brand: Unilever
Agency: Zooppa
Creative Dir: Ferdi Rizkiyanto
Art. Dir: Ferdi Rizkiyanto
Digital Artist: Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Background Brief:
All over the world, we clearly see one thing, girls want to write their own story. It’s a universal truth gaining strength, it’s highly relevant everywhere, and possibly even more so where opportunities are not abundant. It’s an inspiring fact that they want to shape their own future, and they’re determined to do it. It’s not easy, as nothing that is really worthy ever is. External hurdles are real, but lack of self-belief can really stand in her way and are sometimes their biggest enemies, however when they feel empowered, nothing can stop them. When they believe in themselves, they can change their lives and the world!

Mission as a brand is to fire up young women on their journey to autonomy. Whatever the story, girls have what it takes: GO FOR IT.

A series of prints that can connect, inspire and generate in them that "little spark" to unleash their inner strength.

For this specific campaign, the overarching theme is to BEAT THE ODDS, as sometimes the odds prevent them to go through a desired path or make things appear more difficult than they are, whatever the odds, they have what it takes to go after their dreams.