Clear PSA - Everything Has a Start

Creative - Art Dir - Copy: Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Over the past two years, Unilever’s simple purpose has been to make sustainable living commonplace. The Unilever vision is to increase positive social impact while reducing environmental impact, and each of their brands is developing a Sustainable Living Plan to engage with consumers to bring this vision to life.
CLEAR is one of Unilever’s top scalp and haircare brands offering unbeatable anti-dandruff protection. They want to give the world a brighter future. With the world facing new and ever- increasing challenges, there is a growing opportunity for CLEAR to touch peoples’ lives.

To create a strong but subtle call to action message that illustrates how a small action could create a chain of events that leads to the future, this idea could be done with many other social & environment issues.

Hopefully, the visual will have a strong impact on the audience in their daily life choices, a simple action, no matter how small, will help in creating a better future.