Zinio - Read the things You love

Zinio - Read the things You love.
Idea and creative execution: Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Client Brief:
Zinio connects you to vivid, hi-definition, digital magazines and books on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. 
The magazines and books are filled with searchable and sharable articles, videos, digital-only interactive content and multimedia.
Zinio.com is the world’s largest newsstand, with digital magazines and books from around the globe, and like you’ve never seen them before – beautiful, interactive and engaging.

Ads that express how Zinio transforms the reading experience. Visual should be thoughtful, provocative and edgy, while showing how we are close with our readers’ lives. Our audience is metropolitan, digitally-savvy and largely international, and there are three core messages we want to communicate: Depth – Zinio has thousands of magazines from around the world, and tens of millions of pages of searchable, high-fidelity digital magazines and booksAccess – Read the things you love on your Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad, online or offlineGlobal – Zinio’s magazines are from all over the world, and so are our customers.

Proposed idea/visual approach:
Idea: Zinio's readers got so immersed in browsing, finding, and reading the content from Zinio's library, to the point that they forgot their surrounding and just got lost in time.

Visual approach: Edgy atmosphere/ambience, metro lifestyle, International ethnicity feels, include a search bar icon as a representation of a huge content library.

Proposed rough drafts: